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3X3 Eyes (Sazan Eyes) is a series based on the manga by Yuzo Takata. It is the story of Pai whois the last of her race the Sanjiyan Unkara which is a race on immortal triclops. In traveling to find the son of a professor who found and befriend her in remote China she find him in Japan. Yakumo Fuji who is that boy is fatally injured but saved by Pai who makes him her servant or Wu and he is now also immortal as long as Pai is alive. They travel together in hopes of finding a way to make Pai human.

 Happy Pai


 Rare Pai


 Sanjiyan atop Fei-Oh

 Pai portrait

 Pan cel



 Layout sketch

 Party Dress

 Im , Im a Snake!

 Young Pai




 Pai profile

 Blush 1
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