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Ai Yori Aoshi is produced by JC Staff and is made on Computer. A select few post production cels were made w/sketches. The story is from the manga written & drawn by Kou Fumizuki. It revolves around Aoi and Kaoru who when children were matched up by their families for an arranged marriage. Now college age Aoi has been told the plans are off due to Kaoru leaving the family that adopted him. Aoi has set out to find him who she has been raised to believe is her destined soulmate.

 Rough A1end

 Ai Yori Aoshi sketchs

 1 set up

 Production shot

 Aoi Sakuraba

 I'm ready

 Aoi presenting

 On Kaoru's futon 1

 On Kaoru's futon 2


 Nap Time

 Taking Advantage



 tender moment

 Aoi washing Kaoru's back

 Kaoru's scars

 The Kiss

 close but akward

 The loving couple

 Aoi in western dress


 the breeze

 Titanic moment rough
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