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The World of Narue

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The World of Narue (pronounced Narway)
is done on computer with only genga and post production cels avalible. It is one of the most enjoyable series I have watched. Narue is a girl who calls herself an alien and seems to have no friends. Kazuto meets her and after being saved by her asks her to be his girlfriend. Because he accepts that she is half alien a cute young romance developes.

 Rin Asakara

 Ran Tendo

 Rei Otonashi

 Rei Otonashi in android form

 Hajime Yagi

 Narue Rough

 Embarrassing question

 Just a little nerious

 Kazu's mom & sister


 Kazu's room


 He shows her Anime?

 I'm sorry

 It's ok

 Kazu's reaction

 Holographic phone visit

 Dodging balls
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