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This section we have chosen to share some of the artwork we have picked up. featured is art from Dennis Hoyt known for his sculptures that capture the automobile in motion. Our friend Barbara Marker who has worked in comics as well as done many illustrations for books and fantasy art as well as lifelike art of animals. She was our choice for a commission of our much loved cat Moose after he passed away. Tetsuro Sawada 1933-1998 was an artist in Japan who specialized in capturing the 1st light of the sunrise of the coast and transforming that image into a silkscreen serigraph. He was known as the "Skyscape Artist". Elize Frances Stolk was a former child actress in Canada in a movie The 5 Senses (1998) and currently is an artist for different web comics as well as doing regular arts and crafts.

 Dawn - Tetsuro Sawada AP

 Book illustratration

 Red Space

 Tetsuro Sawada #3

 Echos of Excellence By Dennis Hoyt

 Moose by Barbara Marker
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